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Year 1

Spring 2 Curriculum Overview

Look at all the exciting things we have been doing this term! 

Computing - image 0
Computing - image 1
Computing - image 2

The children have been learning about keeping safe online. Using Purple Mash, the children have created their own Avatar (to protect their identity) and have been using the icons to navigate the website safely. They have been using the ‘Art Project’ icon to create a picture of Paddington and save it safely in a folder.

Design and Technology
Design and Technology  - image 0
Design and Technology  - image 1

In our DT the children have been investigating wheels and axles. They have solved some problems and now know that wheels need axles to move. The children will be designing their vehicles linked to their London learning and will be attaching wheels, axles and axle holders. Keep a watch out for updates!

Music  - image 0
Music  - image 1
Music  - image 2

We have been learning about rhythm and pulse. After practicing pulse beats to music, we used a range of percussion instruments to play a pulse to the familiar song, ‘You’ve got a Friend’ by Randy Newman.

Maths  - image 0
Maths  - image 1

During our Mastering Number sessions, the children have been using Rekenrecks to help them compare numbers. The children have been using the symbols <, > and = symbols and sentence stems, ‘___ is greater than ___; ___ is less than ____.